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MMSeven London is a casual apparel brand and online retailer based in London United Kingdom created in 2019 by Mahdiar Mazidabadi.


MMSeven London has grown from personal ideas and desire to an operating fashion brand. Devoted to innovating and creating sophisticated, cool and comfortable apparel for a wide audience.

MMSeven products are varies from hoodies, joggers, shorts,

t-shirts and jumpers all proudly hand made and manufactured in London.

The unique part of the products are the studs which comes in three different colours, Gold, Gun Metal and Silver. The signature design of MMSeven London is the round studs on a hoodie or a t-shirt. The style will give the product a chic and a unique look.

Each product has a unique name which has an important meaning to Mahdiar, the names are inspired from favourite destination holidays to dates and other names that are meaningful.

MMSeven London is a unisex brand which is designed for everyone.

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